Where's Wally?

Wally Wally has gone out in search of adventure again! Perhaps you have heard of him from his famous series of books Where's Wally? full of his many pictures from various exotic times and places. As usual, he likes to hide somewhere at each location so that his friends can have fun looking for him.

That search for him is now easier than ever before with this new tool that detects him using a powerful technique from machine learning: the artificial neural network. This system is made up of a collection of connected units called artificial neurons, which are reminiscent of neurons in a brain. These artificial neurons process the data, and transfer them to the next neurons until the data reaches an output node indicating a decision. To calibrate the connections between neurons, the network trains itself by taking appropriate data through the network, and adjusting the connections to reduce errors in the final predictions. After it learns Wally's different features from images with him and those without him, this model is able to detect his location in new images.

Give it a try now: look through the collection of images below, and select one to start finding Wally! If you do not see any images, try opening the website in another browser.

Once you have selected an image from the collection, click on the button above to find Wally. You can also add more images from the Internet by typing its address in the box below and clicking the button on the side. Afterwards, you can select that image just like any of the others in the collection to find Wally. Because of the restrictions of using a free account with the PythonAnywhere web-hosting service, you can only add certain external sources such as Twitter. You may find some good new images to try from Wally's Twitter below.